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Pond permit, Why, and do you need one?

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When building a pond and not checking to see if permits are required the costs will be a great deal higher as you will discover in the audio interview of Gene Clemente who is with the Erie County Conservation District of PA. Rules and regulations may be different in other states. Please check with your area to be sure of regulations.

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pump out the pond water After deciding that you want to build a pond. First check with your neighbors they may have children or pets that may be a concern to deal with. You never know your neighbors may help to build the pond. It is a good idea to start with your neighbors and work something out if necessary because in the next step is to check with your local government.

Throughout the process, ideally you need nothing. But if a zoning ordinance or permit is required. Your surrounding area will be notified of the pond building. Then there are more people who can make it harder or easier for you to build a pond.


We went to our township building and talked with our zoning officer. And found out we may need a hearing to approve putting in a farm pond. Funny thing, in 13 years the zoning officer said we are the first to ask about a farm pond. Long story short we got approval but took 1 1/2 months. Also did not need a hearing or permit.


The zoning officer had us call our insurance agent and the conservation district.

The insurance had no problem or listing for farm ponds.

The conservation district came out to do a visual check of the area where we wanted the farm pond. There was a wet spot most of the year and some different types of plant that grew there. This is what the conservation folks wanted to check out. To be sure it was not a wet land area. It was not.


I know this sounds like allot of work but well worth the effort. Finding out later you built in a wet land or the neighbors complain, can and will cost more money you didn’t count for.


Even when building a small backyard or Koi pond. Go thru the process, you will learn more on what needs to happen and have that peace of mind that you are in the right.


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