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Living Life

Life is exciting, isn’t it?   (video below)
Living Life is what we make of it. From waking up in the morning to what our day has in store for us we just never know what can happen. Good things and bad but it’s up to us to work thru them and come out on top. Sure we all have problems but what if you changed the word “problem” to challenge? Puts a little different perspective on the situation and now the challenge can be broke down to smaller steps and worked out. Instead of panic mode running with around with problems.

Wake up every day and say “It’s a Beautiful Day” even if it’s -15 degrees and snowing or 95 degrees and humid. Your alive so keep living life.

Ok not totally about ponds but I got a email this morning and it had a slide show attached about the “Philosophy For Old Age”. In the slide show all the pictures are of ponds and lakes, very inspiring to see but also the captions that go along with the pictures. Click the video below and enjoy. It does move a little fast so hit pause to read or watch again.

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Darrell Rhoades

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