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Girl Scouts, Fountain and Garden Project

Fountain and garden

Fountain and garden

Back in early March I had the opportunity to speak with the Girl Scout Troop, 5th Grade Junior Troop #30822. The talk was on pond maintenance and care. What happens to the pond over the years and how to help bring the pond back under control and achieve healthy clear water once again along with removing sludge and muck that has built up over the years.

The girls project was to learn about caring for a pond and how to help cure the ponds ailments, then present their findings to the Fairview Township Supervisors to purchase a fountain and have us install it in the Avonia beach pond.

I do have to say I was very impressed with the girls intelligence on some of the topics, like when we started to talk about aerobic and anaerobic bacteria’s and knew the difference between them. Plus very well thought out questions why certain things happen in the pond to how do we apply the Pond Clarifier and Sludge and Muck reducer bacteria’s.

Girl Scouts 5th Grade Junior Troop #30822

Girl Scouts 5th Grade Junior Troop #30822

Their politeness and respectfulness was also abundant during our pond talk and during the installation of the fountain. However I’m not too sure I’m ready for the term MR. Rhoades. LOL
I just wanted to do this short post for the Girl Scout Troop, 5th Grade Junior Troop #30822 to say thank you to them for the opportunity to talk with them and help learn more about the pond life cycle.

One mere item:
Girl Scout’s Garden Celebration at Avonia Beach Park
Sunday, June 14th from 12-2pm
Please join Fairview Girl Scout Service Unit in celebrating this beautiful fountain, garden, and Monarch Waystation project proposed and installed by the 5th Grade Junior Troop #30822. With this project, these accomplished 5th graders earn the Girl Scout Bronze Award, the highest award a Junior can achieve.

Over time I’m sure we’ll install a bottom diffused aeration system, but for now we do have water movement and some surface aeration occurring on the pond. But for now the girls are doing a great job on the Avonia Beach Project and it looks GREAT.

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Darrell Rhoades

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