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Viewing: Darrell Rhoades

Special Weather Alert

12/18/13 Erie County Pa. may have potential flooding this weekend. Crazy huh? just getting into winter 41″ of snow so far and now rain for the weekend. With the incoming rain, warmer temps and snow melting there will be a lot of water on the move. The ground is saturated so no chance of the […] Read More

Ice Fishing and Pond Safety

Cold weather brings ice and of course snow. In our recent post we answered the question, Should I Run My Aerator During Winter, and went over the pro’s and con’s. I just wanted to add a couple more items to the list in this post, one about safety and the other about fish habitat. Safety […] Read More

Special News Alerts

With the Holiday Seasons app on us so are the spammers, scammers and mischievous folks. We received two alerts to be on the look out for and these are posted below, issued by the Pennsylvania State Police. One is about the “Knockout Game” so be aware of your surroundings and the second is the latest […] Read More

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