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Viewing: Darrell Rhoades

Pond Weeds

Pond Weeds and plants can be good and bad for the pond and it’s life cycle. But are they really weeds or plants that have taken over your liquid assets? Certain plants can be beneficial for the pond Eco system while others can be a real pain to manage or get rid of and some […] Read More

2013 Waterford Fair

Waterford Fair Starts today, Labor Day at noon. Come on out and enjoy good food and check out all the Attractions and Entertainment. <- (click for the schedule) Starting at noon today until close and for Tuesday thru Friday the gates open at 5:00 until close and Saturday noon to till close. (click for schedule) […] Read More

Brain-Eating Amoeba

In recent news we heard about a 12 year old boy who passed away from contracting this brain eating amoeba.  Very sad to hear this happen, out having fun and something we can’t even see harms us. We send out our condolences to the family of this young boy losing him at such a young […] Read More

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