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Weather and the Ponds

What a year so far with fires destroying timber land, homes and lives to tornadoes destroying the same. Then continuing severe thunder storms creating floods and on the flip side droughts in areas that are still in effect. What next? Hurricanes to start up, so more potential for flooding. Let’s take a quick look at […] Read More

Pond Bacteria

The Pond Bacteria we are talking about are beneficial for the pond, doesn’t harm the environment, wildlife in and around the pond and doesn’t even harm us if we went swimming. These beneficial bacteria’s are found in and around the pond naturally (but not near enough to keep up with the ponds needs) so we […] Read More

Dump Trailer the Way to Move Your Stuff

Yes not exactly about pond building but it all works out in the end or at least the end of the tailgate. For years I drove a 1 ton dump 4x4 dump, awesome truck for plowing snow and the ability to dump a load every now and then. The drawback was the $196 registration fee […] Read More

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