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Pond Supplies for Muck and Clarity

Pond Supplies are available for Erie, Pa. and across the country. Easy as 1, 2, 3 Cleaning kits for Koi Ponds and Water gardens and large ponds up to one acre. Small Pond Cleaning Kits Koi Pond & Water Garden Cleaner Kit are Easy as 1, 2, 3. #1 when you change or add water […] Read More

Big Pond and 30th Anniversary

We made it to the big 30 and the Big Pond again to celebrate our 30th anniversary. We stay the same place we did on our 25th and just love it here. It is the Oceanside Court at the 15.5 mile post. A private little community of cottages and efficiencies with your own access to […] Read More

Weather and the Ponds

What a year so far with fires destroying timber land, homes and lives to tornadoes destroying the same. Then continuing severe thunder storms creating floods and on the flip side droughts in areas that are still in effect. What next? Hurricanes to start up, so more potential for flooding. Let’s take a quick look at […] Read More

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