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Viewing: Building a Farm Pond

Pond Snapper

Every now and then you may see something strange in the middle of the field, yard or driveway. At first it looks like a big ole rock that wasn’t there before. This happened a couple years ago to me coming up the drive from work and I just to myself “where did that come from?” […] Read More

Spring and Wildlife at the Pond

Spring update at the pond. Wild life at the pond, In a recent post we talked about spring taking forever to get here and by the time it did arrive we ended up with geese hanging out at the pond, even though we chased them off each day, they are persistent and apparently bull headed. […] Read More

Ponds and Droughts

Ponds that have lived thru a drought have a potential to leak once the water level fills back up. Scary thought but follow along and see what can happen. As the summer months get hotter and hotter evaporation continues to remove water from the pond along with any seeps or leaks that allow the water […] Read More

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