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Viewing: Building a Farm Pond

Spring Arrived at WhatPond

Winter just wouldn’t let go and by time it did it was too late. Spring arrived at WhatPond and the two legged nutrient machines have been coming around for a month now and it didn’t take much to get them to leave, simply walk towards them and off they go. Our usual geese deterrent is […] Read More

Waiting for Spring at the Pond

It’s been a long winter season, but after last year’s drought I guess we shouldn’t complain too much. This is a time to replenish the ponds and saturate the earth so we can hopefully have better crops, fuller ponds and water to drink. Global warming. Never thought there was such a thing but I would […] Read More

What other Benefits can we have with Aeration?

First and the most important is saving our pond and fish during the summer months when  thermal stratification occurs, aeration keeps the zone broken and the toxic gasses out of the pond while replacing the gasses with oxygen allowing more fish to use the entire pond since the oxygen is deeper in the pond. Winter […] Read More

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