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Dangers After the Storm

What a ride with Sandy, our area was hit by wind and rain knocking down trees and flooding a few areas, making it a little difficult getting to work going around road blocks and dodging the downed trees that had been blown over. The ponds made it thru the storm with no problems, a little […] Read More

Special Pond Safety and Weather Report

With Sandy bearing down on the East Coast, wind and rain are the major threats, with an emphasis on a lot of rain. With this in mind, pond owners should check out their safety devices on their ponds starting with the emergency spillway. Be sure it is free from debris, sticks, and logs, leaves even […] Read More

Ponds and Accidents

Strange title I know but was pondering this while I was healing from a recent injury. Ponds and Accidents really are not the same , ponds take time to plan, decide where to dig, layout, permits, and the digging process and of course the time it takes to fill. Accidents happen in less than a […] Read More

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