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Thankful Year

What a year here in Erie, Pa. Very wet start from April to May then bam summer just turned on. Nice and hot, the pond even reached 82 degrees for a few days. This seemed to be the norm for most of the north east part of the US. With all the rain and no […] Read More

Storm Warnings

I’m sure you’ve seen the light house from time to time in different pictures or video that’s been posted throughout the site over the past couple years. A birthday present for the little women, one of her favorite pond accessories. It is pretty cool to have and saved me a lot of time and energy […] Read More

Spring Pond & Nutrients

Spring is coming...and so are the nutrients that create algae in our ponds. All winter long the pond has been frozen over and covered with snow. No sunlight entering the pond and very cold water temperatures has left the water column in a clear state. Meaning the nutrients and plants that had been in the […] Read More

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