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Spring Pond & Nutrients

Spring is coming…and so are the nutrients that create algae in our ponds. All winter long the pond has been frozen over and covered with snow. No sunlight entering the pond and very cold water temperatures has left the water column in a clear state. Meaning the nutrients and plants that had been in the […] Read More

Ponds and Projects

Thank You again for all the wonderful pictures and questions of your Pond and Projects. Here we are at the top of the calender again with a brand new year ahead of us. Any resolutions set for this year? I’m working on system to answer your questions and provide an easier way to get information, […] Read More

Fall Pond Again

Fall Pond again, I guess it happens every year and we should expect it kind of like clockwork but each year brings new colors and the scurry of getting ready for winter. Squirrel’s gathering food, bird’s flocking up and heading south, Koi have stopped eating for a while now as the water temperature is dropping. […] Read More

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