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Pond water exit

From the last blog post we saw water flow over a dam, yep it still stands. When we got home from shopping that morning I went straight to the pond to see how full it had gotten. The video is at the end of the post. Here’s the deal if the rain fall is 1″ […] Read More

Building a Farm Pond additional Information

Building a farm pond with out using a pond liner. Brings up a few points to take note of. Not having a pond liner means we have enough clay content in the ground to hold the water. There are a couple issues that do come up. First is the action of the pond, waves, and […] Read More

Koi Pedicure

Who would have thought of this? Well when in Rome does as the Roman’s do. It was a hot day and finally took a break, let’s sit on the dock and dangle our feet in the pond. It happened! We received a Koi pedicure! The Koi were a little leery at first, Swimming around our […] Read More

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