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tis the season

Happy Holidays, below is a short video sharing some of the pond sunsets we’ve had over time. We also started a fan page on Face  Book to share more content and well get more social. The page is set up so you can download the sunset pictures and use as computer background image, looks awesome. […] Read More

Spring Storms plus

We are just wrapping up our C.E.R.T. live training, graduation and leaving the 911 building when all our phones started going off with the warnings. First was severe Thunderstorm and minutes after that was tornado warnings. We did end up in hail but no “cows” if you remember that movie.  What a spectacular scene with […] Read More

Pond Nutrient

With the last post about Spring, Geese and Nutrients in the pond I ruffled some feathers of a reader and was reminded not all ponds are built for the same reason. In the Definitive Guide and beginning with the pond building endeavor it was brought up about different type ponds and are built for many […] Read More

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