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Living Life

Life is exciting, isn’t it?   (video below) Living Life is what we make of it. From waking up in the morning to what our day has in store for us we just never know what can happen. Good things and bad but it’s up to us to work thru them and come out on top. […] Read More

50th Anniversary

The morning of the 50th Anniversary party forecast was 70% chance of rain mainly after 2:00 pm, yep that’s when the party started. As 2:00 got closer it got darker and just waiting for the rain to start but after a little while the clouds gave way to sunshine and the weather was perfect for […] Read More

Mile Stones

With everything in life we want it to last a long time, a great job, home, family and life in general. Oh yes of coarse this means are ponds and lakes too, but you can learn more about how to save your waters at My Pond Aeration. I wanted to bring up a couple mile […] Read More

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