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Water a natural resource

What’s in the news about natural resources? Always something about oil popping up in the news, conversations and our daily lives. Look at the prices and makes you think a little more about how to save and cut back on driving. What would happen if the same happens about water? Water is a natural resource […] Read More

Pond Water Workshop

Ok the pond water quality workshop was a great success. Cary Martin of Aqua Control presented very easy to follow examples in the science of ponds. Decent weather as for being warm but the wind was crazy and made a lot of noise in the camera. We had a small group and everyone learned from […] Read More

Spring at WhatPond

Wow amazing weather the past few days and hopefully sticks around thru the summer. Spring has hit and life is just popping up all over, even at the pond, below is a short video of some of the events going on at the pond. From the Koi surfacing and their first feeding to the frog […] Read More

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