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Viewing: Pond Plants

Pond Weed Phragmites good or bad

Some plants are good for the pond and surrounding the pond and then there are the bad guys who while take over the entire area. Phragmites is one of the bad guys. Where do they come from? There a plenty of ways the bad guys get transported. Birds and wildlife can be the vehicle of […] Read More

Bad Aquatic Plants

Aquatics plants that can be harmful to the pond, harm the dam and grows like wild fire. Woody plants on the dam can be very dangerous to the dam it’s self. Roots from these plants can weaken the dam and the roots can be a source for water to escape around those roots creating small […] Read More

Summer Heat and Ponds

The summer heat seems to have hit all part of the states including Erie, Pa. where the pond turned into bath water temps. Is there concern? Yes, the first concern is evaporation. Why is that a big deal? Aquatic plants need water, some need submerged while other need to keep their roots wet. Next concern, […] Read More

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