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Deicing a Pond

Looking to deice the pond can be very beneficial, let’s take a look at a couple reasons. Here at WhatPond we take one of the diffusers in the pond and move it to the dock to keep ice from building and heaving the deck up out of the pond. We’ve done this for years now […] Read More

Ice Fishing and Pond Safety

Cold weather brings ice and of course snow. In our recent post we answered the question, Should I Run My Aerator During Winter, and went over the pro’s and con’s. I just wanted to add a couple more items to the list in this post, one about safety and the other about fish habitat. Safety […] Read More

Should I Run My Aerator During Winter

Pros and cons to running you aerator during winter, we’ll try to keep it short. Pro: Winter aeration can provide your fish added oxygen to keep them thriving even when they slow down for the cold season. Keeping wanted submerged plants alive. Once the ice forms over the pond we’re still good to go since […] Read More

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