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Holiday Seasons and the Pond

This time of year really gets us going, if you’re a hunter, your hunting, gardener it’s time to bring in the harvest and heat with wood you are hoping you got enough for the winter season and that the season doesn’t last too long and scurrying around getting ready for the white stuff (snow). Oh […] Read More

Autumn at the Pond

Temperature is dropping, leaves are colorful and the trees are starting to get naked. Sort of a good thing for a change of scenery since it opens up our view to more sky and able to see deeper into the woods. What an awesome time of year for sights, sounds and smells and a quick […] Read More

Fall Pond Cleanup

Fall is knocking on our door and it’s time to help the pond for next year. I know sounds sort of strange but let me explain the fall pond cleanup. All year long our wanted plants have been growing and showing their beautiful flowers or providing their benefit to the pond, pond inhabitants, insect and […] Read More

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