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Invasive Pond Species

Invasive species or fast spreader. Sometimes they do get confused because of the nature of the growth rate. Here’s the deal …at least how I want to explain it. Invasive species can be a plant or animal that does not naturally live in your location. But once they do they can take over and push […] Read More

Pond Fish

  What type of fish would you put in your pond? Part of the dilemma is what do you really want the pond to produce and if the pond can handle the species you want to add to the pond. For most pond owners warm water fish like bass and blue gill are the usual […] Read More

Small Pond with Pond Dye, Bacteria and Heavy Rain

Here we go again with pond Dye. We’ve talked before how it can beautify your pond from the green or brownish color from too many leaves or algae blooms to a natural blue or rich black color similar to the Canadian Lakes. Recently I tried out our super concentrated pond dye along with our New […] Read More

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