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Pond Weeds

Pond Weeds and plants can be good and bad for the pond and it’s life cycle. But are they really weeds or plants that have taken over your liquid assets? Certain plants can be beneficial for the pond Eco system while others can be a real pain to manage or get rid of and some […] Read More

Pond Bacteria

The Pond Bacteria we are talking about are beneficial for the pond, doesn’t harm the environment, wildlife in and around the pond and doesn’t even harm us if we went swimming. These beneficial bacteria’s are found in and around the pond naturally (but not near enough to keep up with the ponds needs) so we […] Read More

Invasive Pond Species

Invasive species or fast spreader. Sometimes they do get confused because of the nature of the growth rate. Here’s the deal …at least how I want to explain it. Invasive species can be a plant or animal that does not naturally live in your location. But once they do they can take over and push […] Read More

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