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Pond Weed Phragmites good or bad

Some plants are good for the pond and surrounding the pond and then there are the bad guys who while take over the entire area. Phragmites is one of the bad guys. Where do they come from? There a plenty of ways the bad guys get transported. Birds and wildlife can be the vehicle of […] Read More

Pond Geese Report

Update on our previous posts about the geese…The geese have left the pond. Well that was an experience and a total mess left from the geese each and every day. I forget which way it is but it’s either 2 or 3 geese equal one cow for the fertilizer left behind each day. There is […] Read More

Pond Toads and Dragon Flies

With a little bit of warm weather wild life begins to start. I know we have been talking about the geese in the past couple posts but we’ll leave them alone, sitting on the eggs this week. When you start hearing the chirping just about all hours of the day and into the night it […] Read More

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