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Viewing: Pond Management

Preparing the Pond for Winter

This has been a crazy year in most of the country from flooding to wide spread drought. As our ponds got smaller due to lack of rain, seeping and evaporation the chance for fish kills raised tremendously. Even large lakes had fish kills during these trying times. Here at WhatPond the ponds did drop down […] Read More

Bad Aquatic Plants

Aquatics plants that can be harmful to the pond, harm the dam and grows like wild fire. Woody plants on the dam can be very dangerous to the dam it’s self. Roots from these plants can weaken the dam and the roots can be a source for water to escape around those roots creating small […] Read More

Pond Bulrush

As you can imagine planting plants, aquatic plants takes time, not just to plant them but to see year after year the results, attitudes, and characteristics these plants have. The last post sort of featured the Pickerel plant and as promised we are moving on to a couple other aquatic plants for this session. There […] Read More

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