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Pond Bulrush

As you can imagine planting plants, aquatic plants takes time, not just to plant them but to see year after year the results, attitudes, and characteristics these plants have. The last post sort of featured the Pickerel plant and as promised we are moving on to a couple other aquatic plants for this session. There […] Read More

Dirty Pond Water

Dirty pond water can be a pain and ruins the fun of seeing the fish,  is it actually murky, cloudy, turbid  or dirty water is the first to figure out. A newly built pond will be cloudy as the rain washes clay particles and dirt into the pond. Once the pond is full and grass […] Read More

Blue Pond Dye

Blue Pond Dye is the most used and popular color in pond dyes. Why? There's a couple few reasons why the blue is more popular. Yes there are other colors of pond dye like Black , Black &  Blue mix but the Blue is the most forgiving. I know it seems I'm obsessed with Pond […] Read More

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