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Pond Pump

I have a pond approx 3/4 of an acre and about 10 ft deep. It started to get a lot of grass in it this year so I put a sump pump down in it and made a fountain head for it.  It seems to be helping to clean the top 12 to 18 inches […] Read More

Consumer Aeration Report

No longer the Aeration Report but has change to Pond Aeration 101 The New Year is right around the corner and time for new resolutions, plans and to do list for the New Year. One of my goals for 2011 was to help more pond owners learn more about their pond and how to care […] Read More

Waiting for Winter

It's been a strange winter so far, warm, no ice and very little snow fall. Can't really complain about that unless your a skier, plow snow or like snowmobiles. Sure the kids love the snow too for sled riding and snowball fights. The weather has been weird all year with all the crazy storms and […] Read More

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