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Viewing: Pond Management

Pond Life Cycle

Maybe you have heard that ponds only have a certain amount of time or they are only useable for so many years. Yes it is true because once the pond is finished it’s goal is to become what it once was, a grassy meadow or field. The time frame really depends on the watershed and […] Read More

Rubber Membrane Diffusers

What is a rubber membrane diffuser? (video below) The diffuser part of the phrase is when a volume of air is broken down into smaller volumes of air. Sort of like a watering vase. There is the main storage area holding water and when poured out the spout it reaches small holes diffusing the water […] Read More

Pond Pump

I have a pond approx 3/4 of an acre and about 10 ft deep. It started to get a lot of grass in it this year so I put a sump pump down in it and made a fountain head for it.  It seems to be helping to clean the top 12 to 18 inches […] Read More

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