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When to Start the Aeration System

The best time to start your sub surface aeration system is when the pond water is around 50-55 degrees. Yes it wouldn’t hurt to pull out a thermometer to check the temperature and be sure your are running a steady temp at 50-55 degrees, we are looking at the surface temperature. Why start up at […] Read More

Spring is Here at the Pond

We can finally say spring is here the ponds are doing well and the ice is off the pond. We didn’t have a fish kill but did have a few fish die, more on that in a minute. The ground is still squishy with water saturation from snow and rain and the grass; well it’s […] Read More

Winter Fish Kill and Measures to Take

Winter is still holding on, although the snow has gone the ice still stands. As we do every year we keep a diffuser running near the dock and pier to protect them from heaving in the ice and more important with the open water area we allow toxic gasses that build up under the ice […] Read More

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