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Why does my water turn Green? and how to stop it?


The green color comes from an algae bloom. Nutrients in the water... it needs 3 things to grow, water, sun light and nutrients. The main cure is to reduce nutrients entering the pond. But the quickest  and least expensive way to help clean up the green water is to use pond dye, Natures Blue seems to work the best in any water, but Black must have clear water or it will not show, More details and videos about Pond Dye can be found on our Pond Dyes Post.

For a overall pond management tool aeration, proper aeration is the best tool availible. To learn more on aeration head over to our Free Education page or become a FREE Member to download our Consumer Aeration Report. Even more help can be found on the Pond Problem page, http://www.whatpond.com/problempond and follow the links on that page.

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