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know the right size aeration system for my pond?


This is a great question, thank you. In short the ponds gallon capacity needs to be calculated, the source of watershed that fills the pond known (wooded area or planted fields) and we will calculate the proper size system for your ponds needs. Submit a ticket with the subject line "aeration sizing" include the sizes depth and location of your pond. Or an address of the pond and we can use sattilite imagery to find the sixe for you, then we would need to know the depth and nearest power location

We will calculate the proper size system for your ponds needs and work with you for locating the compressor and the tubing runs required for the complete system.

I guess a short anser is the are two type of aeration systems. Shallow water and Deep water systems. The main difference is shallow ponds use a linear diaphragm compressor and the deep water use a piston type compressor.

Feel free to a look around at the systems weather it's a Shallow Pond or Deep Pond system.

It is important to get the right sized system for your pond, please check the depths and send us the address to the pond with an explaination of the problems and where the nearest power source is. We will design the system for free and give you the layout as well.

For my info on the Porper aeration check out our page called, Proper sized pond aeration.

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