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What is the best way to care for a pond?


This may sound like an off-the-wall statement until you think about it.


Plants (weeds and algae) cannot thrive if there are not enough nutrients in the water for them to prosper.  In the same way, excessive sunlight can help plants grow better as well.  So when these two elements are combined, weeds can really take off in any size of pond. 




As a reminder, pond chemicals are used to fix the results of a problem. You must GET TO THE SOURCE of the problem to really be in control of your pond. Algae and weeds cannot thrive if there are not enough nutrients in the water for it to prosper.  In the same way, excessive sunlight can help plants grow better it also helps algae and weeds to grow.  So when these two elements are combined, algae and weeds can really take off in any size of pond.


Aerating your pond provides the perfect environment for “good” bacteria and will keep the “bad” bacteria at bay. Cleaning out or preventing mass amounts of organic debris from your pond will help keep your bacteria ahead of schedule and keep the pond cleaner for your recreational use. If you take care of your bacteria they will take care of your pond… and you.


I recommend aeration to Clean and clear your water column, eliminate thermal stratification, and help reduce sediment. Pond Aeration



This system consists of a high quality air compressor which is mounted in a cabinet housing unit. The compressor pumps air through a lead free self-weighted air hose and out of the diffuser plate on the pond bottom. The diffuser assembly comes with weighted membrane sticks that inject oxygen into the pond directly and create a column of medium bubbles lift and circulate the entire water body.  This keeps the oxygen levels even throughout the pond or lake.


In a pond there are two different types of bacteria to focus on; aerobic and anaerobic. Your anaerobic bacteria are those that exist in areas of your pond that lack oxygen. These bacteria work slowly to digest organic debris and release a smelly gas as a byproduct. Aerobic bacteria thrive in oxygen rich environments and digest debris at an accelerated rate in comparison to their anaerobic counterparts that results in the expulsion of an odorless gas. In a self contained pond with little to no aeration you would expect to find aerobic bacteria near the surface where there is a higher level of dissolved oxygen and a lot more anaerobic bacteria at the bottom of the pond where there is a very low amount, if any, oxygen. Due to the fact that these anaerobic bacteria are slow to digest debris, any leaves, plants, and fish waste that gather at the bottom faster than they can be decomposed, hence the accumulation of muck.



I also recommend our ClearPAC. It is a complete "all-in-one" pond care package. Details on the Clear Pac




Pond Clear-Natural bacteria, included in ClearPAC also sold separately - improves water clarity thru the reduction of nutrients (algae and weed need nutrients to thrive), and also reduces "mucky" bottoms and noxious odors!




Nature's Blue Pond Dye, included in ClearPAC also sold separately - helps shade your pond from sunlight (algae and weed also need sunlight to thrive), allowing the bacteria to work at optimum levels! More info on ponds dyes, on this page there are two more link on pond dye and videos at the bottom of the pages.




EcoBoost, included in ClearPAC also sold separately - binds phosphates and other harmful toxins, polishes and cleans murky pond water, and promotes natural bacteria growth. Eco Boost details




You might also be interested in MuckAway Pellets - a special blend of highly concentrated beneficial bacteria. Designed for spot-treating, they go to work on contact to rapidily dissolve organic waste into an odorless gas which escapes unnoticed out of the water column. MuckAway Pellets are so effective that when used regularly you can remove up to 5 inches of muck per year. Muck Away info

The best part is all these products are on the Proactive side of pond management, natural and safe for the pond inhabitants and those visiting the pond from land.

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