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Making a purchase from the site. It seems every site is different in the way they work so here is a short, step by step process to work your way thru the purchase and learn more about each product. Some products have more information, some let you know What it is, How it Works, and how to use, While others have articles, even videos. Click the “Details” button.


Finding the Products. First we’ll need to be on WhatPond.com Once you are the take a look at the string of words starting with Home, About, Free Education, and continue across until you see Pond & Lake Supplies. You can work this two  ways, one is to click on the Pond & Lake Supplies button and be taken to the product category listing page or while you hover over the Pond & Lake Supplies move your mouse down to the category you are looking for.




Once you choose your category the page will load showing the different products. Not sure what product or want to learn more about that product? Click the Details button, this will take you to that product details page. Some have videos, application rates and a description about the product and how it works.



 To purchase the product , simply click the ADD To CART button. Some products have different sizes or colors and to chose these click the little arrow down button to show the options. Chose your option and that option will be added to the original price when you click ADD to Cart. The Cart will show up either right under the header picture or in the right column above the video.


Once the product is added to the cart you can choose to continue shopping or click the PayPal button to check out. If you don’t have a PayPal account, fill in the blanks to continue to use your credit card.

Once the order is completed we'll get to work and have your product shipped. Any questions or need help, please Submit a Ticket" and let us know how we can help.


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