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Disappearing Water in Sink Holes

Water is awesome, not only does it sustain life but is used for so many things in life. From drinking water to food manufacturing, putting out fires and cooling in nuclear plants. Dams built for power generation so we can use our computers and light to irrigation for crops to feed us. Water for the […] Read More

Buffalo Snow and Flooding

Planning a pond or lake means preparing and planning for the 100 year rain storm. The what if scenario of bad weather, rain storms , snow melt even hurricanes can provide such an abundance of water that the pond system may not be able to handle the in coming water, down pipe or even your […] Read More

First Snow on the Pond 2014

Here we go with the first snow fall on the pond of 2014, just getting started and more to come. All the ponds are ready for winter with fountains cleaned, prepped and stored away. The aeration systems are ready as well with moving the diffusers to shallow water to keep a hole in the ice […] Read More

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