string algaeProblem Pond,  let’s look into the future and understand what will happen. If you already have a pond learn how to save it now…

A Problem Pond will fill in over time if left alone to nature . The filling in process can take many years as leaves blow into the pond, fish waste, geese waste and weeds that may have been killed with chemicals. This filling in does depend on the size, depth and the amount of nutrients that enter the pond. Other ways of nutrients getting into the pond is simply rain, snow and from the Fish Killwatershed where grass clippings, bird waste, fertilizer and whatever else from the watershed that flows into the pond bringing in these nutrients. So you see this will happen over time and the first thing to come up from the waste at the bottom of the pond is algae from all the nutrients. So look at it as everything that gets into the pond ends up at the bottom, filling it in slowly and continuing its journey to the grassy field it once was. Then there are more noticeable Pond problems like fish kills, bad odor, weeds and muck.

Problem Pond cross section shows 3 different thermal layers. The first top layer is the warmest, allows the sunlight to penetrate and has the most amount of oxygen. Then the second layer is a little darker, a liProblem Pondttle cooler and less oxygen. Finally the last and deepest layer is dark, dense, cold and has very little oxygen. This bottom layer is so dense that chemical treatments can’t penetrate, fish can’t survive in it and is where the pond starts to fill in due to the lack of oxygen to break down the decaying matter. Now we really don’t want to use or rely on chemicals as they only prolong what will happen again, kind of putting a bandage on but over time it will fall off and need to apply again. What happens when these dangerous chemicals become outlawed?

Problem Pond remedies can be accomplished in two different ways, with a pond fountain orBottom Diffused Aeration bottom diffused pond aeration. The bottom diffused aeration is where air bubbles are used to lift the bottom layer of water to the surface, the coldest darkest layer is raised to the surface to release the bad stuff, gasses and nutrients then soak in oxygen. As the cycle continues the pond will circulate from bottom to top making only one layer in the pond. Now the pond is completely aerated from top to bottom and can support more fish as they can now reach the depths of the pond and the bottom decaying muck can be broke down since oxygen is present.

Typical decorative fountains will only do a few inches, possibly a foot deep of circulation and aeration.  So be careful when you purchase a fountain for your pond.  With a fountain there is the same type of circulation happening in the pond like the bottom diffused aerators. The main difference is water is pulled from the depths and exposed to the atmosphere from a couple feet to 100 feet high depending on the horse power of fountain and display head you choose. The toxic gasses are released and oxygen is splashed back into the pond. Again be sure to choose the right pond fountain.

Pond FountainProblem Pond Remedies can also include Pond Blue which is a dye and Pond Bacteria that is specially formulated microbes that eat up the nutrients and muck that form at the bottom of the pond, but only where oxygen is present. Both of these are completely safe for the pond, wildlife, pets and us two legged creatures.

You can also learn the complete details about what is happening below the surface of your water at My Pond Aeration by video and a MP3 download Pond Management so get started now in curing your Problem Pond or save it before it even starts.

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