Display Fountains


A great choice for ponds needing aeration and decorative looks!

• High quality, American made fountains will keep your water sparkling
clean while providing healthy aeration
• Most environmentally friendly system on the market
• Large flow rate does a fantastic job moving unwanted debris off of the surface
• Oil free, stainless steel submersible motor
• Industry leading, five year motor warranty
• Designed for 24 hour continuous operation
• Salt water approved
• Easy to install
• Does not include timer or GFI, see GFI3 on bottom of this page
• Designed to be left in water year-round – even in freezing climates
*Longer cord lengths available

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Powerful flow rates not only looks great, it also whooshes algae off the surface, keeps water clean and clear, repels mosquitoes and other bugs, and adds plenty of healthy oxygen to your pond. Your fish will feel fantastic, your pond-bottom muck will break up, and decaying matter to come will disintegrate quickly (meaning less muck over time).

These Display Fountains features a stainless steel, oil-free, submersible motor, making it the most environmentally friendly water aerator on the market. And, with no oil to add or change, it’s maintenance-free! It is even easy to install, requiring just two anchoring ropes and weights or tethers to the shoreline.

Perhaps best of all, the Display Fountains is engineered to be left in the water year-round. You’ll never need to remove it in fall or re-install in the spring. Simply shut the fountain off, allow it to freeze in and forget about it until the thaw. Freezing water does no damage to the display fountain, even in the harshest winter.

Proudly manufactured in the USA and carries an unconditional, 5-year motor warranty. This unit is produced with submersible power cable. Longer lengths are available, and special orders are never a problem. We also manufacture a two- or four-light set that mounts easily to the Display Fountain in minutes. You can order and add it now or at a later time.

Designed for fresh and salt water, perfect for ponds up to 5 acres in size.

These fountains will need a powers source near the shoreline, please be sure to have the required amperage Gauge) wire for the corresponding Horse power fountain you choose.

Again, the fountain and cord is the sale price. You will need to anchor the fountain and provide a GFCI outlet or GFCI timer outlet.

Please disconnect power source when swimmers are present.

1/3 HP, 9 amps / 115 volt 3/4-acre or less Moving 300 gallons of water per minute in a trumpet-shaped spray.

½ HP, 10 amps / 115 volt, Moves 400 gallons of water per minute in a cascading, trumpet-shaped spray pattern, approximately 6½ feet tall by 22 feet wide.

¾ HP, 7 amps / 230 volts 1/8-acre or larger pond. Easily moves up to 450 gallons of water per minute. Its trumpet-shaped spray—approximately 6.8 feet tall by 23 feet wide.

1 HP, 10.6 amps / 230 volt. Easily moves up to 500 gallons of water per minute. Its trumpet-shaped spray—approximately 7 feet tall by 25 feet wide. 1/8 acre and larger

2 HP, 11.5 amps / 230 volts Display Aerator is a powerhouse, easily moving more than 700 gallons of water per minute into an 11-foot-high and 26-foot-wide trumpet-shaped display.

3 HP, 14 amps / 230 volt forcefully moves an impressive 800 gallons of water per minute into an 11-foot-high by 32-foot-wide cascade.

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Size Options

1/3 HP, 115 volt 70' cord, 1/2 HP, 115 volt, 70' cord, 3/4 HP 230 volts 70' cord, 1 HP, 230 volt, 100'cord, 2 HP, 230 volt, 100' cord, 3 HP, 230 volt, 100' cord


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