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Having a pond is great, but you need to bring it to life. What better way to bring life and color to a pond is by adding Koi fish. From a small water garden to a farm pond Koi will bring it to life.
Their are many species and varieties of Koi and goldfish. One of the most popular are the Butterfly Koi they have extra large tails and fins which make them look like a butterfly along with their vibrant colors they are a great addition to the pond.

A Koi pond can be of any size, from a small water garden to a farm pond.Let’s catch up with Darrell and Vaughn at Raup fisheries to learn how the Koi business started and some great insight to the koi pond. Even explain the myth why Koi shouldn’t grow out of their surroundings.
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Raising Koi can be fun and exciting. Watching them as they grow and they can grow rather quickly. Koi can even be trained to eat from your hand.

Starting a new Koi pond with no fish at all you would want to start out smaller fish.
The Koi can and will reproduce and could over run the pond, but by adding bass, perch and blue gill will help to slow down the reproduction process.

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Easy Koi Ponds to learn more. If the pond is already established with game fish it would be better to get  larger Koi so they will have a better chance of survival in the pond.

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