StarBurst Mini Floating Pond Fountain


  •  Powered by an energy-efficient asynchronous mag drive pump.
  • Six super bright, cool white LED lights embedded in float
  • Spray pattern: 2.5′ tall x 6′ diameter
  • Float diameter: 15″
  • Minimum required pond depth: 18″
  • Wattage: Fountain 110 watts,
  • Lights 5 watts
  • 30′ Cords
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StarBurst Mini Floating Pond Fountain for small ponds. Beautiful by day and night. With six super bright LED light set. Easy installation! Simply set the float on top of the motor, hand-tighten the 3 thumb bolts and you’re ready to go! Mooring rope included but you’ll need to use your own stakes to anchor it to the shoreline.


Display size 2.5′ tall x 6′ diameter. Recommended for ponds larger than 18′ in diameter. 110 watts.

The Starburst Fountain has two operation modes to choose from, depending on your preference:
Continuous Mode: displays a fixed spray pattern

Gradient Mode: displays a disappearing and reappearing spray.

To change between the two modes, simply unplug the fountain and plug it back in. When
first powered on, the fountain defaults to the Continuous Mode.

As soon as we get one in I’ll get a video posted.


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