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Overgrown Pond Project

Over Grown Pond Project Ponds are a great way to relax by, fish and observe the wildlife the pond attracts. But we need to remember that ponds and lakes are always trying to return to what they once were. A meadow or field or small ravine. Incoming nutrients by waterfowl, animals, rain and the process Read more

Watermeal, Duckweed Floating Pond Plants

Water meal is actually a small plant that can be a 1/64 of an inch up to 1/16 of and inch. If you suspect you may have Water meal pick some up out of the pond and rub between your fingers, it will feel rough.I guess like corn meal if you ever had the opportunity Read more

Coontail, Coon Tail Pond Weed

When we start to manage our first problem plant or weed and started to get it under control, the new open space (open water) allowed a new problem to come into our almost perfect pond. Not that it was added to the pond, possible but more likely an under lying problem that had already been Read more

Watershield, Water Shield Pond Weed

In this article we’ll go over what it is and various ways to manage this pond plant/weed, Water Shield Rooted on the bottom of the pond with long stems reaching the surface producing an oval shaped leaf with a tiny sprout for a flower. Not actually a flower but a stem with a bunch of Read more

Pond Herbicide Treatments

As the title eludes to more a plural word, more than one, more on that in a little bit Then again why would we use a pesticide or herbicide in our ponds? Same as we do for the weeds around the house, unwanted plants growing where we don’t want them. Every year or possibly three Read more

Winter Pond Wildlife

The calendar says spring has been here but the snow on the ground and cold temperatures says different. The snow is melting in what sun we do get and the above freezing temperatures at times helps as well. The pictures are not the greatest but wanted to show you the critters we caught hanging around Read more

Pond Plans For Spring?

Another pond and lake season is coming up soon, I hope. Hopefully this snow will let go and warmer temperatures are on their way. Middle of March and we are still 10 degrees this morning, ugh. At the time of this writing our winter season has given us close to 200” of snow so that’s Read more

Union City Dam part 2

Union City dam part 2 If you didn’t see the first part, check out the Union City Dam. I swung by a while ago to see if the water was high enough to be going out the spillway. It was so I took some video of the spillway in action, the over flow pipe in Read more

Winter Pond Under Snowmegeddon

As the temperature drops below freezing we see snow instead of rain. The snow is pretty neat as it lands on the water it seems to just get swallowed up, sort of like magic. Over time as the snowflakes drop into the pond they cool the water and the air temperature cools the water until Read more

Rain Storms & Overflow Pipes

Ponds are plenty of fun, fishing, relaxation and attracting nature. On the flip side they can be a pain in the side at time as well, to get up to and keep in a healthy state. Keeping the pond healthy can change from one year to the next. What worked last year may not work Read more