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pond fountainWhat to use for Pond Accessories
There are many accessories available for people who are looking to build a pond or may have a pond with no pond accessories. When you buy a car there are options and accessories. Buying jeans? Then you want the accessories, shirt, belt, new shoes, right?

Some items are needed for the pond and some of these needs will come from accessories, for example a water pump with a good filtration system will help keep the water clean and the fish happy, for the small ponds. The clean water exiting the pump could be returned to circulate, or go with the accessories and plumb the return to a fountain or water fall. Doing this will add oxygen back in the pond.  Fountains and waterfalls  will add  relaxing and therapeutic sounds, while a properly sized aeration system can provided oxygen from top to bottom, prevent fish kills and the best maintenance tool for the pond.

Perhaps you don’t care for therapeutic sound or the splashing of the water, but oxygen still needs to be in the pond to help clean and, to deter algae.  Oxygenating with a diaphragm air pump supplies the air threw a tube to diffuser. The diffuser transforms the stream of air into hundreds of bubbles. This method is quieter and adds the most amount of oxygen. Similar to the indoor aquarium but on a larger scale.

Add lighting to the pond, lighting the fountain, water fall, below the surface for mood lighting also spot light fountain, lighthouseaccessories around the pond for ground effects.

Aquatic plants are different types of accessories for the pond. You can capture color with these plants to match the pond lighting accessories. Plants help oxygenate the pond while using and removing carbon dioxide, provide shade to keep the temperature cooler for the fish and help to control algae.

Pond accessories are up to the owners personal taste. But whats out there, just a few of the many ideas depending on the pond size one may need to find the right size to fit, like having a 12 foot boat sitting on a 12 foot pond. Set up a lighthouse, if it has lighting inside great if not, adjust the ground affect lighting, windmill, boat, add sand and make a beach. Sea shells, rocks and drift wood will enhance the ka108z15u yJNKMSPOKJLKNSRRLQmood, setting and over all enjoyment of the pond. Even a fire ring for those late nights.

Live pond accessories do just that bring the pond to life. Koi and goldfish are popular fish for small ponds, fish are decorative and fascinating to watch as they feed and swim around. There are many species to choose from and have very vibrant colors. Depending on the size pond, this will dictate on how many and what types of fish to add.

Pond accessories are a great way to enhance your new or existing pond, utilizing lighting, aquatic plants and ornaments such as lighthouse, boats, water fall, fountains and bottom aeration.

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