What a Compact Tractor can do for you

What a compact tractor can do for you. Information for uses, sizes, options and accessories. Tips for buying a compact tractor. Stop being under powered and over worked. Be sure to check out the compact tractor review page.

Tired of all the back breaking chores, then find the compact tractor that’s right for you. The different sizes, optional equipment that the compact tractors have available and their uses.

The word tractor implies too broad of a term, from the smallest tractor to the largest , 10 horse and 500 horse, with the compact tractor in the medium to small range. Typically the compact tractor will have a three-point hitch same as its larger brothers and sisters. There are four sizes of three- point hitch, category 0, 1, 2 and 3.The compact tractors use “0” and”1” category.

The compact tractor and Agriculture & Excavating equipment have about the same three-point accessories and equipment. Backhoe (dig a ditch or a small pond), rototiller (till large gardens), snow blower, rakes, planters, harrows, box blade, log splitters, generators and more. They are scaled down or up to fit the tractor.

When shopping for a compact tractor you’ll find many name brand tractors and many imports.  One of the differences between the two is the ergonomics. Take note whether shopping in person or on line how easy it is to get in and out of the tractor, your choice could be price driven and this may not be a concern.  When adding a front end loader it will leave you to only use the left side, the loader controls will block the other exit.  Another important factor is to find a local dealer for that type of tractor, if its near by parts are easier to get. Shopping on the Internet, the same thing goes, make sure they have a parts department, how long they’ve been in business and how long parts will be available.


If you are moving to the country or already there and ready, what size

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compact tractor do I need?  As an example a typical lawn tractor or heavy-duty garden tractor that would be purchased from the big hardware stores or retail stores are small up to 900 pounds and 24 horse gas engines with a 50 inch mowing deck.  (Not considered a compact tractor because there’s no three-point hitch).  But for the example mowing three acres of lawn could take three to four hours, but if using a 25 horse diesel compact tractor and a  three-point hitch finish mower 6 feet wide will knock that time in half or less.  The compact tractors can range from 1,500 pounds to over 8,000 pounds at 82 hp depending on optional equipment and size. Take into account what the tractor would be used for mowing a big yard, farming, taking care or grading the driveway. Maybe a little clearing in the woods, hauling firewood, splitting firewood, snow removal with the front end loader, which is the most useful year round, or optional three point hitch snow blower.

Benefits of a compact tractor would be, building a house, or ready to upgrade from the antique, it will be a great work horse in landscaping, clearing over grown fields or wooded lot for the new lawn, snow removal. You name it with all the available attachments all the chores will get easier.

When getting the front end loader option, you should have the four wheel drive option, once the front bucket is full it makes the rear tires lighter, losing traction.
Helpful Information to make a decision on the equipment, accessories and the size compact tractor you need.

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