Beneficial Pond Bacteria Clarifier


Special blend of all season bacteria is designed to:

• Reduce sludge buildup and eliminate pond odors
• Improve water clarity and reduce oxygen demand
• Eliminate excess nutrients
• Enzymes – four strains which break down waste into an
easier digestible form for the bacteria to consume
• Easy to use water 8 ounce soluble packets
• Reduces ammonia, nitrite, nitrate and phosphate
• Cold weather bacteria strains, for results in temperatures
as low as 38ºF

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Same as our blue labeled product. New label and different size options.
Pond Clarifier Bacteria is a natural formulation of beneficial pond bacteria (microbes) for use in large ponds & lakes. It contains species of cold water bacteria, making this product effective in water temperatures ranging from 35-95F. Our pond cleaner 2-in-1 formulation contains barley straw as well as bacteria, which also helps to naturally clarify your water.

Our 8 ounce water soluble packets come in three sizes. 6 pound, 12 pound and 25 pound buckets.

No more guessing when to or what temperature to apply. We generally wait until the snow has melted and the water flow through the pond has slowed. Then it’s time to apply, this way we can get an earlier start and last longer in the season to be more efficient in removing nutrients, keeping the water clean, clear and healthy. Add Pond Dye at the same time to give the pond a great color.  Our formulation contains multiple Pseudomonas cultures, as well as Bacillus cultures.  It also contains beneficial enzymes and a growth nutrient.

And no worries about harming the pond, wildlife, fish, animals who drink from the pond or us. Completely natural and safe. For best results use the proper sized aeration system for your pond. Need help in sizing? Fill out the contact form so we can work up a design, free of charge!

Great for farm ponds, earth ponds, golf ponds, recreational ponds, fishing ponds and more…

25lbs bucket $350 = $14 per pound Treats a 1 acre pond for 3 months (50 eight ounce packets)

12lbs bucket $169.99= $14.15 per pound treats a ½ acre pond for 3 months (24 eight ounce packets)

6 lbs bucket $89.99 = $14.99 per pound treat a ¼ acre pond for 3 months (12 eight ounce packets)

Parameters for Best Results

  •  Temperature: Optimal 75ºF, Range: 38ºF – 100ºF
  •  Dissolved Oxygen (DO):>2 ppm, Minimum 1 ppm
  •  pH: Optimal 7, Range: 5.5 to 9.5

Rule of thumb is 4 to 6 pounds per acre. Please read this post on Beneficial Pond Bacteria for detailed information on how pond bacteria works. The instructions below are based on newer ponds, dirty or older pond may need more than the recommended dosages
The 6 lbs bucket,1/4 acre, 12 lbs bucket 1/2 acre and 25 lbs bucket,1 acre buckets are measured out for 3 months of treatments with applications happening every other week.

1/4 acre bucket is a total of 6 lbs. Inside is 12 bags containing 8 ounce ounce packets. Drop each two 8 ounce packets each end of the pond edge a foot or two out in the water. Nest treatment do the opposite side of the pond. Can double the dose if the pond is older.

1/2 acre bucket is a total of 12 lbs. Inside is 24 bags containing 8 ounce ounce packets one treatment is four 8 ounce packets (2lbs). Drop one 8 ounce packet on four sides of the pond edge a foot or two out in the water. If there is a troubled spot drop packets in that area. Such as where the wind blows all the debris to.

25 lbs. bucket  for one acre pond has 50 eight ounce packets, 8  packets equal one treatment for an acre pond (4 lbs). Drop each 8 ounce packet equally around the pond edge a foot or two out in the water. If there is a troubled spot drop a couple extra in that area. Such as where the wind blows all the debris to.

The 25 pound bucket is good for 1 acre is the best deal and you can use it on any size pond. For example using the rule of 4-6 pounds per acre a 1/4 acre pond would only need two 8 ounce packets which would equal a pound per acre. In the case of a 1/4 acre pond, on one dose go for each end, then the next dose go for the left and right side since we are only putting two packets in the pond.


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Beneficial Pond Bactreria Clarifier 8 ounce

12, 8 ounce packets, (6lbs), 24, 8 ounce packets (12lbs), 50, 8 ounce packets (25lbs)


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