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Dozer at the farm pond

Still running the dozer at What Pond, The most important thing to keep in mind is getting the pond done properly and in a timely manner. Having a rain storm for three days is not good once the depth is being pushed out. Either waiting for it to dry or pumping it out will cost […] Read More

Core Trench, starting the digging

Now that the top soil is out of the way we can get down to business. Starting at the dam area we need to cut in a core trench. The core trench can made with the dozer or 2-3 trenches with a backhoe. What is the core trench ? The trench serves two purposes, kind […] Read More

Dozer on the farm pond

While we are talking about equipment, the most important job of the dozer is the tracking in the fill. For every layer of fill being applied to the dam or any other area it must be tracked in. Tracked in means compacting the fill. You’ve seen how hard it was to dig out the virgin […] Read More

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