[wp_eStore_fancy1 id=57] vanish plusVanish™ PLUS will immediately remove chlorine, chloramine and heavy metals that are often present in city water supplies. Vanish™ PLUS will also add a slime coat protectant to the water to help fish heal wounds and abrasions while protecting them in times of stress such as during water changes & clean-outs.
CC015-8 Vanish™ PLUS, 8 oz Treats 1,600 Gallons
CC015-16 Vanish™ PLUS, 16 oz Treats 3,200 Gallons
CC015-32 Vanish™ PLUS, 32 oz Treats 6,400 Gallons
CC015-1G Vanish™ PLUS, 1 gal Treats 25,600 Gallons

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