All Natural Pond Phosphate Binder

All Natural Phosphate Binder

All Natural Phosphate Binder

All Natural Pond Phosphate Binder 100% Natural Fish, Plant & Wildlife Friendly
All natural powder formulation provides a non-chemical alternative to using (ALUM), to bind problem-causing phosphate in pond water. This all-natural powder formulation will also buffer pH and provide approximately 70 beneficial trace minerals for fish health and assist beneficial pond bacteria. It will also provide minor flocculation (settling) of mud & clay particles, and aid in reducing ammonia.

Non-chemical alternative to remove phosphate: Binds Excess Phosphates! This is a safe and natural product that allows you to remove phosphate from water bodies. .
Adds beneficial trace minerals: Adds trace minerals that fish need to thrive! This product adds approximately 70 trace minerals to the pond ecosystem.
Stimulates Pond Biology: Boosts for the natural bacteria living in your pond. Including the beneficial bacteria from our water soluble packets and sludge and muck products are also enhanced.
Provides minor flocculation: This product provides a secondary benefit of settling out mud & clay. Light cloudiness.
Buffers pH
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Mix in a clean pail with 2 – 3 gallons of pond water. Stir the solution until the water is completely brown. Evenly distribute this mixture by pouring it directly from the pail along the shoreline or spray over entire surface. 2 cups (16 ounces) per ¼ are pond, every 2 weeks for maintenance, bacteria and fish health.
Or Apply 2 1/2 lbs. per acre foot of water (325,829 gallons) to reduce phosphorous levels by approximately .05 ppm. Application rates vary depending on phosphorus levels in the pond.

Phosphates enter the pond from storm runoff and fertilized lawns which can wreak havoc in our pond ecosystem. The Phosphate acts like super charge fertilizer for plants and algae, causing algae blooms, excess weeds and muck build up. If left untreated the pond could lose oxygen and leave the fish in poor health.

Available in One Pound Jar or Five pound bucket $11.99-$36.99

About the author: Darrell Rhoades is the founder of A one man business, works full time in tool & die. It all started when he built his own pond for the family. Ran into pond issues and started the research with pond suppliers and conferences for pond management. He writes about pond building and pond management and sells pond management supplies, aeration & fountains and Practical hands on experiences at . No physical store, but has items in stock.

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