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Pond Bottom Double DIffuser

Pond Bottom Double Diffuser

The Rhoades aerators or should I say Pond Bottom Diffuser’s are built with durability, strength and water movement in mind. One other part of the design is keeping the turtles from damaging the membrane which makes the diffuser almost useless, Once they have been bitten all the air escapes that hole and we lose our ability to move more water by not using all the other small holes in the diffuser membrane.

The Pond Bottom Diffuser, Rhoades Aerator took a few years in the design and testing but have successfully deterred the snapping turtles that for some reason like to attack the diffuser. Additionally we support both end of the diffuser tube for less chance of breakage if the turtle or someone may step on the diffuser breaking off the connection on one end.

Pond Bottom Diffuser Single at 5' depth of water

Pond Bottom Diffuser Single at 5′ depth of water

The guards are designed for mostly keeping the turtles from harming the membrane but the design also helps to improve the flow/movement of water. One of our dear friend in the business sampled the water after replacing another diffuser with the Rhoades Aerator and found more cold water being pushed up to the surface. Why is this important? The more water we push from the bottom of the pond means the closer we are to the bottom of the pond allowing more toxic gasses to be pushed out and more importantly allowing more oxygen to the bottom of the pond.

More oxygen at the bottom of the pond means more fish and more beneficial pond bacteria can consume the muck and sludge accumulating at the bottom of the pond.

Another note on the Pond Bottom Diffuser, Rhoades Aerator is the added eyelet to tie on a string to lower into the water. The string can be left on with a small bobber for later retrieval moving the aerator to the shallows for winter aeration or cleaning if needed. Even use a nylon rope like the yellow stuff which does float a little and keep it short so it’s under the water a little bit.If that’s not enough the diffuser is already assembled, no need to try and figure out what goes where just match up your tubing size to the provided hose fitting, screw it into the check valve and screw the check valve into the diffuser. Then off to the bottom of the pond you go.

Pond Bottom Single Diffuser Shallow Water

Pond Bottom Single Diffuser Shallow Water

The Rhoades Aerator comes in two version, and single shallow diffuser and the double deep water diffuser. In our testing we see the shallow water diffuser still works great from 2’ to 8’ creating a larger boil as the depth increases. The double diffuser is recommended for deeper ponds 8′- 12’ deep and deeper. Although there are options we really suggest having your aeration system calculated and design for your specific pond.

Use our Rhoades Aerators as a replacement or with your new system.


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About the author: Darrell Rhoades is the founder of Whatpond.com. A one man business, works full time in tool & die. It all started when he built his own pond for the family. Ran into pond issues and started the research with pond suppliers and conferences for pond management. He writes about pond building and pond management and sells pond management supplies, aeration & fountains and Practical hands on experiences at Whatpond.com. . No physical store, but has items in stock.

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