Back home 25 Anniversary

DIGITAL CAMERABack home away from the huge salt water pond. Some what a bummer, but its always good to come home. Don’t get me wrong, the ocean sea breeze, warm weather, and crashing of the waves will be missed.

The typical day was, surf fishing first thing in the morning. Then people started swimming and to be polite pull the line in and enjoy the view. After it started to get a little too warm we went to the store to refill supplies that have depleted, ate lunch. Then grabbed the cooler, umbrella and back to the beach. This time we stayed until about five, the difference was 20 minutes on the beach then 20 minutes in the ocean and did this till supper time. After supper grab the cooler and fishing pole and head back to the beach for more surf fishing. Although I only caught 2 the whole stay it was still enjoy able. There was a lot of bites on the hook but the fish seemed too little to be caught. But in the back of your mind always thinking the Big one is next.

If you are from the northern states you know you can get sunburned after being outside for a while. Being on the beach and closer to the equator you can get sunburned inside a half hour. Make sure you use sun screen or your vacation will not be so fun.

Back to our own pond still relaxing. The Koi didn’t seem to miss us but it was good to see them, looks like they have grown at least an inch since we’ve been gone. Take the evening walk around the pond and found that there are three groups of baby fish. Have not been able to make out what breed as they are too small.
Heard we had rain almost every day and the over flow pipe and additional pipes have handled the water. Have not had enough rain to test the spillway, but that’s ok with me.

Back to the daily grind but with a new fresh attitude, relaxed and stress free. Just a few things to catch up on.

Hooray on vacation. Combined with 25 anniversary.

Nags Head N.C. Outer banks ,ocean front cute little cottage.

Just so you you know the ocean is way different than a pond. It’s a lot bigger, really salty to taste and big waves. I really would not want waves in a pond, talk about erosion. If you have a clay lined pond then you’ll know what I mean about erosion and not wanting the water to have waves. Even a windy day creates ripples on the water that slowly erode away at the banks of a pond. That’s a good reason to use a pond liner around the edge at water level, from two to three feet below the water surface to about 6 inches above.

Okay back to the ocean. The first evening we walked down to the beach gazing at the vast amount of water, saw a Sting Ray jump out of the water and do a flip, then did it again. Later that evening at dusk we saw small fish jumping out of the waves.

Day two Monday. 94 degrees in the shade along with 94 percent humidity. Makes for a nice day at the beach. Lather up with sunscreen and cook in the sun for 15 minutes to half hour then get in the water to cool off.

With the water being so clear you could see fish swimming around you. Any where from 2-4 inches, some blue, some transparent, and green then some thing that was about 6-8 inches long at the bottom, they looked like sand sharks. In the mean time watching the fish my wife turns around and saw a sea turtle, it was about two about feet away and approx. 18 inches in diameter. The little feeder fish swam by all day long, I’m sure they were still there but it got too dark to see.

Pelicans are very entertaining diving into the water to get there food, what a splash.

Here we go again water being the source of life, from the microscopic, to sand flees, sand crabs, birds, turtles and the fish. Just one big endless cycle you can see right before your eyes.

Just goes to show if your home at the pond or out at the ocean life is all around and the calming, relaxing sound of the water works at both places.

About the Author: Darrell Rhoades is the founder of A one man business, works full time in tool & die. It all started when he built his own pond for the family. Ran into pond issues and started the research with pond suppliers and conferences for pond management. He writes about pond building and pond management and sells pond management supplies, aeration & fountains and Practical hands on experiences at . No physical store, but has items in stock.