Spring and Wildlife at the Pond

perch eggs

Perch eggs

Spring update at the pond. Wild life at the pond,

In a recent post we talked about spring taking forever to get here and by the time it did arrive we ended up with geese hanging out at the pond, even though we chased them off each day, they are persistent and apparently bull headed. That we ended up with a nest and a few eggs…more on that a little later.

We did have a couple warm days and usually take a walk around the ponds each day if it’s not raining too hard to look for new life and how the pond is progressing during the transition form winter to spring.

One good sign is seeing the different eggs around the pond, usually for us we’ll see the perch eggs and that usually means the water temp is around 55 degrees. We also saw some toad eggs but not as many as usual, maybe it is a little later of a start or note worthy of a possible decline in numbers?

SO far what we’ve noticed about the geese is that one is on the nest at the tip of the peninsula while the other hangs out at the upper pond. My guess was a better view for predators approaching.

more geese eggs 7The other day we took a walk and slowly approached the goose nest, she got off the nest and started squawking, it only took a couple squawks and here come the rescue squawking away and trying to scare us off, wings out and spread as full as he could.  Then we saw our goose problem got even worse, now there are seven eggs in the nest, come on, really? I’m a nice guy but this is really testing my patients.

My thought about the goose at the upper pond was correct, I was on the phone and heard the squawking going on outside, as I looked out the window I saw the patrol goose flying towards the big pond and a second later the heron flying off in a different direction. So maybe we have a little bonus on keeping the heron out, but know we will have a major nutrient problem this year until we can shoe them off to make their family grow elsewhere.

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