Independence Day

With the Holiday right around the corner I wanted to share a short video about a little bird trying to be Independent. Even though we struggle in life we struggled as a country to become Independent and this little guy in the video just kept it up.

This was so fun to watch and he never gave up other than to go dry off and try again and again. I just called him the Bird In Training.

All the other birds would just swoop down a barely tick the water but this poor guy sort of over shot his mark and kept splashing into the water.

Earlier there were 4-5 of them and he would try to follow suite but came back on his own and kept trying all by himself.

Just a young fellow working on his Independence to be free and on his own without the audience, at least I hope they were cheering him on and not laughing as we kind of did.

Happy Independence Day

I’m only guessing, but this looks like a barn swallow?

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