Saying Goodbye

I wasn’t sure I should post this here, but I know I had did  post with the boys introduction at some point on the site. They are as much a part as we are. Every evening when we fed fish, had a camp fire or simple went to walk around the pond checking them out the boys were there with us.

So with that said, below is a little write up for our lost family member and pond enthusiast.

Clem (Clementine)

Clem (Clementine)

Thank you little buddy for 13 ½ year of yours unconditional love. The smile on your face and how your eyes light up when we come home is so precious. People say we spoiled you boys and it is very true because you deserve as much love back as you have given us.

We will always remember the look on your face on your birthdays (Christmas Baby) when you opened the squeaky toys, and the fun you had chewing out the squeeker, then making sure the toy is chewed down to little pieces.

You know little buddy, always thought Daddy would have gone to see Darlin first and worried about you being alone with no other four legged companion at your side. It turns out Daddy was distraught about you being at the Vet’s today and tore up the house, even looking out the living room window for you. He is taking your passing rather hard. We let him check you out before the burial and he seemed to know what was going on. Then as we laid you to rest he just started howling and howling.

Right now he is sleeping, wore out and won’t eat. So check in on him while he dreams and give him a bump to know you are with him in spirit until he meets you and the family that has gone before him.

Miss you little buddy, the house, property, barns and ponds won’t be the same without you again. Mommy is going to miss your hugs and kisses on the couch even though you are not really a lap dog. Daddy will miss your companionship as you two were always side by side. And I’ll miss those smiles every time you see me. Never forget you are still in our hearts and will think of you often. So take it easy, rest piece and like I always tell you when I leave for work. Be Good!

Ponds are a great place for natures creatures and us folks who use them for fishing, swimming or to relax by. Having the ponds and the time to use them for family, friends and get together s has really shown us how important the ponds have become in our lives. Clem left a big hole in our lives but lives on, every where we go and this year, just starting to feed fish you will be missed at the ponds begging for fish food and relaxing by the camp fires.

Ohmi Clem Mommy little pond

Ohmi Clem Mommy little pond

Ohmi Is doing a little better with eating and a little better with depression. Tried to leave him sleep alone on the third night, he just started howling and pacing until I came down and slept with him. Mommy had slept with him the first couple night. Hopefully we all get through the healing process ok but try to think positive you are no longer in pain.

Peace, Clem’er Dude

One last thing, for now, is Clem never really liked water, or at least getting wet. When he drink form the pond it was rare if he got his front paws wet. Sometimes on really hot days he would get both paws wet.


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