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Spring Ponds, Deer, Turkey and Frogs

Ponds are big attractor of wildlife. Not that we have caught or have on film, the deer drinking from the pond but see tracks all the time around the edge and into  the water a little bit. As spring started to come, and dragged out for what seems like forever with rain and below normal temperatures. The wildlife has begun to stir around with the new vegetation and the little warmer weather.

There have been a few days with sun and some drying time only to return to rain for a week. But in these short warm and sunny days we have been able to catch a couple interesting wildlife events on the camera.

Short video with two topics, One is the sound of wildlife around the pond when we showed up to do some work the other video is when a Deer meets a Turkey, what happens next is amazing.

Pond life is always interesting sounds and viewing pleasures, sure sometimes the pond may get out of control now and then but there are ways to help the pond’s health. The biggest maintenance tool is an proper sized aeration system and additional beneficial pond bacteria to either help clear up the water column from suspended organics or the bottom muck and sludge. Nature helps to provide these bacteria’s but not enough to help the pond. If you need help feel free to use the contact form.

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Darrell Rhoades

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