Cradle Fish Habitat

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cradle fiah habitatThe Cradle Fish Habitat

This new design for our cradle model is already selling fast! With the same 22 square feet of coverage as the first model, the 8″ diameter base makes easier shipping and installation. Each unit consists of hundreds of fine fingers to protect the baby fry and larvae.

Recommended for depths of 1-4 feet, groups of this fish habitat start the food chain for you. In order to grow big fish, you need to grow the bait fish first. When the bait or forage fish are big enough, they venture out to the deeper structure to feed the predator fish and fend for themselves.

This is the only product on the market currently catering specifically to the forage fish.

To create a balanced ecosystem, the forage must be self sustaining and be able to hide and grow to the preferred size for you predator fish.

Don’t keep adding minnows to your pond, grow your own by balancing the system properly. These forage fish will then eat the mosquito larvae as well, keeping down those pesky insects from invading your relaxing time.

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