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Consumer Aeration Report

Pond Aeration 101

Pond-Aeration-101-1000hFormerly the “Consumer Aeration Report”

In this report You’ll discover the various forms of aerating Pond and Lakes. Aeration systems from a 1,000 gallon pond to many acre lakes. What works and what may not work!

Yours to discover:

  • Discover what’s happening to Your pond or lake
  • What is aeration, how it works, is it just adding bubbles?
  • Over time does a pond die?
  • How to reverse the aging process
  • Aquatic plants Good or Bad?
  • Tools to manage weeds, fish & pond health

Also on Kindle for .99 cents

Here’s what you receive:
“The Consumer Aeration Report” in .pdf format (E book)
the AIS Flied Guide in .pdf format (E book)
Pond management, tips and tools
Follow up email articles on pond management.

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