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How a little work and a low cost item like a Pond Dye can help your pond water clarity clear up and look awesome.
Muddy Pond So there you are with a newly dug pond say in the fall. The water is going to look like a big mud puddle with all the fine silt and clay particles  suspended in the water. Then winter comes with snow

and ice keeping the wind from creating waves and stirring up the water. The water has a chance to settle out and the suspended particle fall to the bottom.

Then Spring comes, the ice melts and magically the water is clear. There is a good chance your first year you will not have an algae problem because there is mostly the small particles

of clay and silt in the pond. Not very many leaves have had a chance to get into the pond and fish have not been stocked yet.

This means there is nothing in the water that is decomposing so your first year could show clear water but by the time fall comes you’ll start to see the color change. Depending on your location the pond could look green in the spring and a brownish tint in the fall. Then after stocking fish, feeding fish and adding plants will excel the process that produces algae. (Timing differs from pond to pond depending on the nutrient loading)

Now fast forward to the second year. Leaves had a chance to blow into the water, the fish have been… well  relieving themselves in the water and the plants died off or lost Algaetheir leaves during the winter months that are all now food (nutrients)to produce algae. Then Summer time, nice and hot, the sun is in full force and the water is heating up. All of the sudden it sneaks up on you, the water has a green tint to it and the next thing you know you can’t see into the depths of the water.

What does Pond Dye do for your water?

The main function is to filter and divert sunlight from penetrating the pond water depth’s to stop the photosynthesis that create life for algae. The second benefit is to give your pond a natural blue looking water. But there are different colors available if you don’t like blue. There is a black dye that would work well if the pond is in a wooded area where you want to see the reflections from the trees.

When purchasing any Pond Dye be sure it is safe for you, the fish, plants and wildlife. Most are but check anyways to be sure.

Watch the video to see what can happen in a few months after adding the Pond Dye.

The product used in the video was purchased from Tractor Supply and we will be researching and testing other products/name brands to find the best suited product for you.

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