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Pond Fountain, What are they all about? A fountain sometimes is confused with a display aerator. Both shoot water out of the pond and have awesome displays, the display aerator uses a propeller and moves large amounts of water, the fountain uses a impeller that creates pressure shooting water higher but less amount of water and aeration. In the beginning they were used for decorative display patterns and now have evolved into aeration systems while having the beautiful display patterns. Fountains are a great water feature to have in the pond hearing the sound of water splashing, very soothing and similar to watching a camp fire just staring at the stream of water shooting into the air and falling back to the ponds surface. Adding lights to the pond fountain extends the enjoyment late in to the evening.Sunlite Fountain

Pond Fountain why use them ? From the paragraph above we see it is for our pleasure of sight and sound but what does it do for the pond, fish, creatures and pond water quality? These units add oxygen to the water for, fish, creatures and can cure the pond water quality.

A fountain should be able to add aeration/oxygen to the pond and create plenty of water movement to avoid the problem pond. Not just the surface but to its depth’s as well to release the bad gasses and get more oxygen deeper in to the pond. Why oxygen is important at the pond depths is to allow the fish to use the rest of the ponds depths and for oxygen to reach the depth of the pond to break down the muck and nutrients that are building up. Some fountains are called surface aerators and they do just that, aerate the surface of the pond 6″ to 30″ deep. But how does a fountain pull water from the depths of the pond?

Depending on the manufacturer draft tubes can be made for the fountain in order to pull water up from the depth of the pond to expel gasses and non oxygenated water.

What size fountain do you need? It really depends on what you are looking for. Let’s say you have a small 1/2 acre pond then the fountains below would fit an look perfect in your pond. Partly the confusion comes from what size fountain do you need for surface aeration? Whether it is 1 or 2 horse per acre depends on the fountain manufacturer and the display nozzle chosen in order to properly surface aerate the pond. Additional thoughts are if you want  to just have a display of water in one area of 5 acre pond near the dock or cove then a 1/2 HP fountain will work just fine.

For in depth details on curing your pond water quality sign up for the free videos at My Pond Aeration. Another great fountain source is from Aqua Control and Aqua Master Fountains. Click the images below to discover more about each fountain. Looking for something bigger let us know thru the contact page.

Evolution Fountain 1/2 hp
1/2 HP Evolution Fountain with 50’ motor cord. Controller w/GFCI, Photo Sensor & Timer - Torrent & Tornado Spray Patterns standard - Float - 100' Mooring Rope - 2 Mooring Stakes.
Price: $1,489.00
cord length :

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Fountain WP4 Basic
Affordable display fountain for smaller ponds. Pump: 115v, 4000 GPH, Intake Filter / Screen, Nozzles 3 fixed spray nozzles (shown above), Float,: 18″ UV, resistant, high density closed cell foam float, 100′ Power Cord with GFCI Protected Plug
Price: $624.00

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