DIY- Nature Loving- Pond Enthusiast
Darrell Rhoades
Prepared, Planned, Created and Completed

Not One, But Two Successful Farm Ponds”

Without Heavy Equipment Experience -Excavating Knowledge Or The Know How Of Aerating The Water…

Finally, All The “Guess Work” Has Been Eliminated!

Experience the unlimited wonders of nature…

From the backyard farm pond of Darrell Rhoades:

Dear Respected DIY’er,

Have you ever wondered why so many of us get totally pumped to start building a farm pond and yet, never get the project off the ground? Well for starters, finding all the information needed is not an easy task. Researching the pond building market can be quite unbearable. Pulling it all together is even worse. Finding a few steps here, a couple of more over there, but ultimately leaving you to fill in the blanks. What a nightmare.

The truth is, most so claimed farm pond building instructions leave out critical elements that you cannot afford to miss.

Are you left wrestling with all kinds of questions?

– How do I actually build one?

– How big should I make it?

What equipment do I need?

– What steps are the most important?

– How do I keep the water from turning green?

– Where would be the perfect location?

– Why would I consider a fence and is one required?

– Will it attract mosquitos, and if so, what then?

– And so on.

Simply put, I hold nothing back.

Soon you’ll be extremely blown away knowing you have just landed on a farm pond building “How To” instruction manual that will inform you every step of the way in creating your very own desired sanctuary.

  • Your farm pond will be the focal point enhancing not only your property but the neighborhood itself.
  • Your neighbors will be turning green with envy watching your family take full advantage of each beautiful day and evening.
  • Your final result will award you deep gratification, serenity, peace and tranquility, year after year.

But most of all…

>Your pond will attract different forms of wildlife to simply gaze at daily, no matter what the season.

>Your home will be the meet up spot of choice for family and friends, lasting generations.

>Your stress level will drop quicker than anything you’ve ever experienced.

>Your quiet time with loved ones gathered around the pond will become your most cherished memories.

>Your pond will create a natural, entertaining atmosphere your kids and grand kids will never,ever forget.

My Goal is to assist in obtaining your beautiful farm pond to create and enjoy the atmosphere you intended it for… experiencing lasting, prized memories for a lifetime.

By following my in-depth process, you’ll be amazed at what you didn’t know… and what you can create and design.

Hi Darrell! Just wanted to give you a big “two thumbs up”
on your new book. I didn’t realize all the preparation
that goes into a farm pond before you even break
I’ve never ran across a book like yours.
And thanks for laying it out in a simple, entertaining
fashion that
even I can understand.
All my best to you,
Joni Beadle-Canton, Ohio

Chances are this “How To” guide will be completely different from what you thought. Explaining the foundation– from the beginning stages–to your impressive end result.

Let me expose now theHottest secret to a very successful pond:
You Must Start With “The End In Mind
Or Struggle
Through The Entire Process!

1) Unless you know for certain what your pond is to be used for, annoyance will certainly take the place of excitement leaving you disappointed, confused and angry.

2) Unfortunate mistakes and unnecessary set-backs will erupt putting you hundreds-even thousands of dollars in the hole.

3) Feelings of failure, dissatisfaction and surely the wind will be taken out of your sails when your farm pond doesn’t match your desired intentions.

This is a major problem

Maybe you want to fish – swim – add brilliant colored Koi – use water for livestock – firefighting or orchard spraying…whatever you want it to be, you’d better know right from the beginning.

Scenario #1

Unprepared, you start digging a hole, realizing it’s too small.

To increase the size can be very difficult, expensive and a lot of wasted time and effort.

Scenario #2

After your farm pond is finished, you start noticing the water is turning green.

I see this happen over and over again. Many farm pond builders miss this step by not having the “end in mind.” This can be totally avoided right from the beginning.

Planning your farm pond with the “end in mind” should not be a difficult task. This process furnishes a roadmap of your desired result when it’s time to start breaking ground. Put some serious thought in the reasons why you’re building it in the first place. Question your neighbors, spouse and other family members and listen to their feedback.

And Then…

Mold Your Ultimate Farm Pond Vision Into Your Reality

A number of items you “must know” and address:

*Have you considered your neighbors feelings in regards to addressing safety issues? What about their children and pets? How will this affect them?

* Do you know what permits you’ll need if any and where to get them?

* Do you know what information you need to give the zoning officer?

* Have you contacted your home owner’s insurance company or even know why you need to?

“Before Darrell started building his pond,
he came over and asked if we had any concerns.
He’s the kind of guy who is very safety oriented,
compassionate and cares about others.
We welcomed the pond,
adding value to our neighborhood.
The pond is absolutely beautiful to look at
and my kids enjoy using it when I give them

Lisa, a neighbor

As I’ve stated, proper planning your farm pond is major. You must have all these critical pieces in place before the project starts. This is where I come in.

I’m qualified in the farm pond building market. I’ve done the entire process myself not only once…but twice.

Yep, 20 years worth -asking questions – research – building an immeasurable amount of anticipation to transform my backyard into a stay at home “vaca” spot. I had a pretty good plan of what to do. But…how do I actually build one? I didn’t find any processes on the Net or anywhere else. Fortunately I had a cousin who has built them in the past- ready to lend a hand.

This is where my “How to Build a Farm Pond, The How To” Instruction Manual becomes your #1 resource and best friend in lending you a hand. This exclusive guide takes out all the guess work… Preparing, planning, getting started and watching the evolution of the pond take shape until you attain your desired goal… step by step.

My name is Darrell, an avid nature lover and family man. Loving the water, wildlife and watching my pond mature is something I can’t even describe. And you should see the sunrises and sunsets…a bit humbling I have to admit.

When I was young, my Grandparents had a creek which we built a dam up every year… that is until we got in trouble with the environmental guy. My cousin’s lived on a farm. Yep, had a farm pond we’d play in all summer long. After I was married I had a swimming pool of my own. We had parties and invited the family over on numerous occasions.

But something was calling me back to build my own farm pond. My boyish memories had a choke hold on me, wanting to keep the pond tradition going for my family.

Right now, I’m looking at my own scenic paradise. After a long days work, I come home – see what has grown – losing myself by taking in all that I’m blessed with. What a spectacular setting.

Straight up, I don’t know how I ever lived without it.

I’ve been a DIY guy all my life; from building my house, the decks, the barns and I’ve even restored a 1959 ford panel truck. Yes, I have made many mistakes along the way, trying to figure things out and learned many hard lessons from each and every project.

Building a Farm Pond isn’t any different.
But now you can skip the mistakes because I’ve already made them for you!

With the knowledge I have, the hands on experience and the ability of writing in a way you can fully understand,
this my friend is to your advantage.

Here’s why:

When a person gathers knowledge about something they want to share with other like minded people, there are two key ingredients you must get across;

1. You need to fully understand it; the “what it is your learning, but more importantly the “why” of doing it.

2. To actually live it. Go through the process – hands on experience – putting that knowledge into action.

I’ve done both. And so can you. I’m just an average Joe who had a dream, determination and the enthusiasm to get it done and make it my ultimate reality. Now it’s your turn.

Obviously, you’re just like me…wanting to capture just a small piece of nature and claim it as your own.

Hi Darrell: I just wanted to tell you that you’re doing a great job.
Keep up the good work. A lot of things you stand for
( hope, motivation, planning, desire, harmony,
love, faith, enthusiasm, etc.) are in my books.

Pond building does take work. It’s not as easy as it may sound. It took me a long time to get to the point of actually building it. But once I got started…boy, I love those big boy toys!

Listen, I’m not here to toot my own horn. That’s not my style. However, I’ve gone the long haul and can honestly say I’m an accomplished, experienced pond builder. I use my pond for swimming and have a floating dock. I check out all the forms of wildlife it attracts and watch the natural progression that takes place year after year. To me, it’s all priceless.

All my experiences make me want to share everything I’ve gone through with the up and coming pond enthusiast. I know how deeply satisfying, gratifying and proud you’ll feel once your pond is finished.

There’s nothing that compares to it.

As A Result Of Creating My First Pond And Posting My Content and Videos On The Web, Experts Took Notice of Me

I contacted Cary Martin, the Environmental Science Expert, and asked if he’d be interested in doing a 1 day live event hosted by me in my backyard. It was a go. The unbelievable content he delivered to the crowd was amazing. Everyone left with priceless information. What a guy!

Because of my “go-getter” attitude and “down to earth” personality, I was offered to be a distributor for Aqua Control. We all firmly believe in protecting the environment, helping others succeed in improving water quality while enjoying our ponds at the same time.

My newly released book, “Building a Farm Pond, The How To” Guide details the information you need to prepare, plan, create and complete your backyard oasis. Step-by-step instructions – pictures – diagrams…the whole enchilada.

24 chapters crammed full of additional material you will benefit from:

  • If you want your pond to be functional, it’s vital to help it survive by remembering what is in store at the end. The only way to do this is by aeration. Included in my book is an exclusive, two- hourvideo workshop exploding with extras for you to soak up, apply and enjoy. This insert kicks off the book…

Fact: This video workshop cannot be found anywhere but here
available when you order.

  • Where to get advice on enough water shed, wet land infringements and other tips…Chapter 1.


  • Specific information on Pond Permits; Why and do I need one? Listen to the bonus audio interview included in Chapter 2.

  • Chapter 3 is all about location, location, location…a must know right from the start to avoid costly mistakes. A list of questions to ask yourself you probably never thought of.

  • The “Why’s and How’s” of digging test holes and finding this layer is like striking gold… found in Chapter 4.

  • What conditions to avoid that will add fertilizer to the pond increasing the algae growth eventually filling the pond with silt. Chapter 5.

Are you getting the picture? Lock stock and barrel!

By NOT following an extensive blueprint…
You’re shooting in the dark!

  • Chapter 7 lays out the dos and don’ts of moving the top soil. Find out the most important aspect.
  • What is a core trench and what are the two purposes it serves. Chapter 8.

Plus, a list of equipment you need to make your true-life farm pond a total accomplishment.

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Listen up. Don’t sweat not knowing how to operate heavy equipment; dozers, backhoes, etc. This can be outsourced. The cool thing is– with the “How To Build a Farm Pond, The How To” Manual, you’re armed with the knowledge to instruct the operator on what needs to be done and exactly how you want it to be done. They love that! The job will run smoother, easier and more efficient.

Now I could go through each jammed pack Chapter and let you know what’s disclosed in each one but I know your time is valuable.

However, there’s more you’re going to want to know about

Listen, This Is Your Family’s Investment And A Lot Is At Stake…
There Can Be No Guessing At Something So Extremely Important.

I’ve often questioned why we would guess at such a major construction project as in building a farm pond. But from my many years of research, it’s no wonder. Nothing out there discusses the entire process of building a farm pond…Until now.

“How To Build a Farm Pond, The How To” Guide, plus awesome- added extras;

Audio from experts:

  • Jim Nicholson, Pond Industry Expert on Pond Liners and emphasizing the importance of getting the job done right the first time

  • Tim Matson, consultant from Earth Ponds on Q and A from one of my subscribers

  • Eric Kraus, expert on PondSeal and leaking ponds; what it is, what it does and more technical in-depth questions about the product

Also included…

  • List of costs that should be considered and planned for…no surprises here!

  • Valuable resource page for all your additional needs to perfect your pond.

  • Even a 7 minute exercise workout to keep you in shape while building your farm pond.

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Let me say it again.

This is not scattered “pieces” of farm pond building information.
It IS Your Complete “Go To” Manual.

There’s more... I cover;

> safety issues > additional accessories

> heavy equipment needed > fountains

> aeration > fish habitat

> bottom diffusers > leaky ponds

> grass seed > even pesky muskrats and what to doabout them.

The How’s, Where’s, What’s and Why’s are all included in
“ How to Build
a Farm Pond, The How To” Guide

My friend, do it right the first time. Have the end in mind at the start and follow my plan. You will avoid confusion – costly mistakes – time and energy which most of us don’t have tons of.


And then…the most amazing thing happened after my pond was finally brought into existence

Winter came and covered up the chocolate milk colored water. Then spring arrived. The ice melted and left the water crystal clear with the new beginning of life.

The overwhelming feeling of deep satisfaction ran me over like my Ford F-350. I figured out the water itself has a magical effect on not just humans, but wildlife also. So much attraction, so much waiting to be discovered.

You know, owning a farm pond is so much more than having a private oasis to enjoy. All I can compare it to is like having your own pet or kid, watching them grow and mature. Each year has brought new life in the spring, allowing me to observe these critters develop all summer long.

One of the MANY reasons why I built it.

In today’s economy, taking the entire family on vacation is a struggle; expensive, taking the time off work, hiring a pet sitter, etc. But having your own farm pond is like having a resort – a vacation spot all year round.

It’s kind of like being at Sea World – The Zoo – The Pool and even an all Inclusive Spa, relieving stress and leaving your worries behind. And it doesn’t matter what the season…even in the Winter it can be used for ice skating. There are no limits.

My farm pond has been the perfect place for hosting just about every party imaginable; Birthdays, Mom and Dad’s 50th Wedding Anniversary, Memorial Day, just to name a few.

It’s used by me, my dogs and my “little woman” everyday;

– Relieving stress and unwinding

– Discussing all sorts of things while dangling our feet in the water off the dock or drifting on our floating dock

– Watching the water garden grow

– Checking out the colorful Koi

– Even solving simple problems that need attention

Heck, you could even host a wedding with a picture perfect view instead of the traditional indoor ceremony.

And check this out…Did you know this?

The very sound of water has been used for healing the mind and body

Many Doctors today conclude water is a form of energy and absorbs vibrations of sound around it. Now, combine the sound of the rippling pond with the reflection from the clouds, the sun or the moon while watching the trees dancing on the water’s surface. I’d have to agree the sights and sounds can have a positive overall healing effect…wouldn’t you?

Okay. Let’s get to it. To get your hands on “How to Build a Farm Pond, The How To” Guide, guaranteed to accelerate your farm pond project, is as easy as clicking on the order button below.

I wanted to make this step-by-step farm pond building process a no-brainer and very affordable. We all know the economy is in the tank.

I can afford to do this because it’s in an E-book format. I do not incur any printing or shipping costs. “How to Build a Farm Pond, The How To” Guide is delivered as a PDF file for you to download – print out -take notes for your convience and to help save the environment.

The savings is forwarded onto you, my customer. I want you to succeed! All you needed was a complete resource to assist you…

If for any reason you are not convinced the “How to Build a Farm Pond, The How To” Guide isn’t the smartest investment you’ve made in your pond building education this year, I will refund the entire purchase price…no questions asked.

You can’t find this in-depth, “How To” Instructional Manual anywhere else. But keep the bonuses (revealed below) as a gift from one DIY pond builder to another.

The price of my E-book is set at just $27.00. Yea, you read that right. It’s about $1.00 a chapter…the inexpensive price of a good yard shovel or rake!

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Especially for you…

Bonus #1– Two interviews never heard before from experts in the field. These interviews seriously are worth 2x’s the price of the book….free when you order!

Bonus #2 My “Definitive Guide to Ponds,”explaining the different types of pond projects and the tools needed. A great starting point if you’re not sure what you want. A “must have” for your pond building library.

If you are seriously craving to design and construct your very own dreamy oasis, don’t wait. Order right now.

It’s 100% risk free!

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Very Important! Just Added For You My Preferred Customer…

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One more time, let me say; The one and only “How to Build a Farm Pond, The How To” Instruction Manual…providing the determined-confused-“what do I do next?” pond builder with the entire step-by-step process to prepare, plan, create and complete a successful farm pond, written in a practical-old fashion way that YOU can easily understand.



Darrell Rhoades

P.S. Another huge mistake I see happening is procrastination…Do not put this off any longer. Start getting an amazing return on your investment today. Start living the dream most only think about but never-ever do!

P.S.S. Don’t let the sun set on your farm pond dreams. Life is way too short not to take action now.


Any questions, please contact me at: [email protected]

About the author: Darrell Rhoades is the founder of A one man business, works full time in tool & die. It all started when he built his own pond for the family. Ran into pond issues and started the research with pond suppliers and conferences for pond management. He writes about pond building and pond management and sells pond management supplies, aeration & fountains and Practical hands on experiences at . No physical store, but has items in stock.